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Wadi Makhrour

Wadi Makhrour, a valley situated west of Bethlehem that stretches between Battir Village and Beit Jala, is best enjoyed during the late afternoon hours in the summertime when the sun is about to set. Start your walk in Battir Village and follow the marked trail to...

Summer & Snakes

Since Palestine is passing through a heatwave these days, it's always recommended to be cautious when you go out hiking and stay away from snakes as much as possible. While the behavior of snakes is obviously not 100% predictable, you can minimize your chances of...

Landscapes of Palestine

Despite its relatively small acreage, Palestine is a country with a rich diversity of natural scenery. Thanks to its unique geographical location at the crossroads of three continents, this small area encompasses various ecosystems that offer a wide range of beautiful...

8 Mistakes to Avoid

Hiking and camping are great ways to get outdoors. And adventures on foot can be as big and remote or tame and close-to-home as you want them to be. With basic gear, a game plan, common sense, and some research, you can discover the joys of being in the company of...

Bethlehem’s Old Quarters

A visit to Bethlehem is really incomplete without delving into the city’s history and taking a walk through some of the many winding and picturesque old-city streets and staircases. The Church of the Nativity and Manger Square, though understandably major points of...

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Mar Saba to al-'Ariesh

  • Distance 15.83 km
  • Time 4 h 0 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min Altitude -332 m
  • Peak 384 m
  • Climb 282 m
  • Descent 865 m
October 25, 2022 12:29 pm

Yanoon Loop hike

  • Distance 6.96 km
  • Time 1 h 43 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min Altitude 339 m
  • Peak 654 m
  • Climb 396 m
  • Descent 396 m
October 25, 2022 12:48 pm

Mt. Muntar to Mar Saba

  • Distance 11.03 km
  • Time 2 h 45 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min Altitude 0 m
  • Peak 0 m
  • Climb 396 m
  • Descent 690 m
February 9, 2021 12:43 pm

MTB Moses Trail

  • Distance 10.31 km
  • Time 1 h 36 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min Altitude 394 m
  • Peak 721 m
  • Climb 485 m
  • Descent 212 m
August 11, 2020 9:54 am

Rashayida Tent to Dead Sea Viewpoint

  • Distance 11.23 km
  • Time 3 h 16 min
  • Speed 3.0 km/h
  • Min Altitude 219 m
  • Peak 428 m
  • Climb 179 m
  • Descent 373 m
August 28, 2020 10:37 am

Battir Village Hike

  • Distance 6.94 km
  • Time 4 h 2 min
  • Speed 2.0 km/h
  • Min Altitude 566 m
  • Peak 720 m
  • Climb 318 m
  • Descent 408 m
March 18, 2020 11:35 am

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