Tuqu‘ to ’Arab ar-Rashayida

John Atick
  • Author: John Atick
  • Created: February 6, 2019 9:24 am
  • Updated: December 4, 2020 10:08 am
Trail Type: Hiking
Difficulty Grade: Challenging
  • Distance 23.86 km
  • Time 8 h 11 min
  • Speed 3.0 km/h
  • Min Altitude 361 m
  • Peak 769 m
  • Climb 381 m
  • Descent 725 m

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  • Distance Instructions

1. Baptistry

Altitude: 790 m
Address: Tuqu'

2. Khirbat Abu Salem

Altitude: 814 m
Address: Tuqu'

3. Khirbet al-Tuqu'

Altitude: 818 m

4. Abu Ismael Bedouin Tent

Altitude: 423 m

The tent is a place where we can introduce the visitors to the Bedouin culture and the legacy of Arab Ar-Rashayida. In the middle of the Jerusalem Wilderness, nearby the village of Arab Ar-Rashayida, since 2009, Abu Ismail and his family welcome visitors in their Bedouin tent. He is proud to say that during that time he had a chance to host people of various backgrounds and nationalities. He keeps in mind especially the youth groups like university students, scouts and sportsmen. Abu Ismail says that at his tent people can enjoy the calmness of the area. Abu Ismail’s family and others helping him to run the place, offer traditional meals, evenings with tea and Bedouin music, support for groups which would like to hike in the area, and 4×4 jeep rides. Phone: +972522618443 / +970597430969

5. Underground Church

Altitude: 755 m
Address: Tuqu'

6. Um Ghasan's Homestay

Altitude: 739 m
Address: Tuqu'

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