2020’s Hot Event in Palestine: A spectacular mosaic floor will be revealed under an innovative dome shelter at Hisham’s Palace

Jericho in Palestine is said to be one of the world’s oldest cities, and is home to the site of Hisham’s Palace, a cultural property representative of early Islamic architecture. Hisham’s Palace was constructed in the 8th century as the Winter Palace for the Umayyad Caliph. Its Great Bath has a significant mosaic floor of 825m², which is the largest in the Middle East.

For many years until discovered in the mid-20th century, the valuable mosaic floor was buried in sand, and so was protected from weather and human interference and it remains in good condition. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine took the lead in protecting this buried treasure by constructing a protective shelter over it, under JICA’s Grant Aid Project.

In mid-2020, the construction is expected to be complete and the mosaic floor will be displayed to the public. It is certain that Hisham’s Palace will be one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Palestine. We expect that many tourists from around the world will come to visit the site and enjoy the magnificent beauty of ancient times.